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What is Core Team?

Core Team is a group of teens (8th-12th) and adults who are committed to serve on an annual basis (Sept. to Sept.). They will serve as leaders in the Youth Ministry Program at St. Bonaventure. ​​​​​​​​​Core Team is a great opportunity to grow in leadership, make some great friends, grow closer to Christ, and help others do the same. ​​

What is the commitment Core Team members make?

- Faithful to Holy Mass on Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation
-Go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a regular basis. 
-Strive for a daily prayer life that includes Sacred Scripture.
-Attend the Core Team Retreat, Core Team Meetings, & FNL's.
-Be accountable to my fellow Core Team members 

What do Core Team members do?

- Serve at youth ministry events. If anything needs to be done Core Team Members help do it!

- Lead through participation in planning and leading events, music ministry, drama ministry, leading in prayer, giving talks, leading small groups, helping with set-up and clean-up, fundraising activities, leading games & ice breakers, and serving in whatever capacity you are asked to serve.

- Attend the…
    * Annual Core Team Retreat
    * Core Team Meetings, FNL's, and other St. Bonaventure Youth Ministry Events! 

How do I join Core Team?

if you have questions about joining core team, please contact GabbySwift at: 952-854-4733 ext. 14 or by email:
core team meeting dates

 - october 14
 - november 11
 - december 2
 - january 13
 - february 10
 - march 17
 - april 7
 - may 12

friday night live dates

 - october 26
 - november 16
 - january 25
 - february 15
 - march 22
​ - april 26

Core Team Applications

Core Team Application/retreat form (8th-12th grade)
Core Team Application/retreat form (Adult)
Gabby swift